The Rotary Peace Film Festival is open to short films and documentaries of no longer than 15 minutes on the themes of peace and non-violence, completed after January 1, 2021. Films produced by students will be evaluated in a separate category. Founded in 2021 with the aim of working for positive peace, the Rotary Club of Peace, Istanbul, organizes the Rotary Peace Film Festival with the objective of disseminating and strengthening philosophy and language of peace in the world.

Our Starting Point: We say “no” to wars, however, the absence of war does not always mean that there is peace. “Peace” refers to a social order where direct, structural, cultural, and ecological violence no longer exist.

The objective of the Rotary Peace Film Festival is not only to stand against direct violence but also to increase world-wide awareness of, and advocacy against, the systemic, structural, cultural and ecological inequalities and injustices, and the discourses that naturalize them.

We invite amateur and professional film-makers from all over the World to tell the stories of those affected by conflicts. We look forward to receive your short documentary or short film showing how people can transform conflicts in innovative and creative ways, heal their wounds, and move forward towards peace.