Call for Entries

“Peace” is usually taken for granted as the binary opposite of war; yet, the absence of war does not necessarily mean that peace prevails in a society. This film competition approaches “peace” as “positive peace” framework, and refers to it as an obtainable ideal of a social order where there is no direct, structural, cultural or ecological violence. In other words, such a position is not only against direct violence, but also against structural inequalities at the system level that create suffering, and the discursive mechanisms that naturalize this suffering at the cultural level. Conflict is inevitable, yet violence is not.

2. Rotary Peace Film Festival “In Search of Peace” calls upon the film makers to tell the stories which have been linked to:

  • Creative and innovative stories of all kinds of gender-based conflicts and conflict-affected people on intrapersonal, interpersonal, intergroup or international levels.
  • Stories faced by women in pre-conflict, actual conflict and post-conflict phases and roles of women in peace and reconciliation works.
  • Stories of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in all parts of the world and the human rights violations caused by this situation.
  • Stories created for better understanding of the inherent capacities of the environment to inform and sustain peace.
  • Stories created for reinforcing cultural diversity as a driving factor of peace and development.
  • Stories created for emphasizing justice and respect for all beings and creation.
  • Stories created for emphasizing the importance of peace language in the mass media and social media for the formation of societal peace.